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The Manila Critics Circle


National Book Awards



1981 Utos ng Hari at Iba Pang Kuwento, by Jun Cruz Reyes

1982 Finalities, by Edilberto K. Tiempo
The Praying Man, by Bienvenido N. Santos

1984 Oldtimer and Other Stories, by Jose Y. Dalisay

1987 Southern Harvest: A Collection of Stories, by Renato E. Madrid
Tutubi, Tutubi, 'Wag Kang Magpahuli sa Mamang Salbahe, by Jun Cruz Reyes
What the Hell For You Left Your Heart in San Francisco: A Novel, by Bienvenido N. Santos

1988 State of War, by Ninotchka Rosca

1989 Planet Waves, by Eric Gamalinda

1990 Herstory, by Rosario Cruz Lucero
Men of the East and Other Stories, by Charlson L. Ong

1991 Laro sa Baga, by Edgar Reyes

1992 Killing Time in a Warm Place, by Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.
Pagsalunga: Piniling Kuwento at Sanaysay, by Rogelio R. Sicat

1993 Tales for a Rainy Night, by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

1994 Eros, Thanatos, Cubao: Mga Piling Katha, by Tony Perez

1995 Penmanship, by Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.

1996 Kung Wala na ang Tag-araw / Ano Ngayon, Ricky?, by Rosario de Guzman Lingat

1997 Bibliolepsy, by Gina Apostol
Letting Go and Other Stories, by Susan S. Lara

1998 Lassitude and Other Stories, by Carlos Cortes
Mens Rea and Other Stories, by Lakambini Sitoy

1999 Catch a Falling Star, by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (Anvil Publishing)
A Normal Life and Other Stories, by Reine Arcache Melvin (Ateneo de Manila University Office of Research and Publications)
White Turtle: A Collection of Short Stories, by Merlinda Bobis (De La Salle University Press)

2000 Etsa-Puwera, by Jun Cruz Reyes (Philippine Centennial Commission and University of the Philippines Press)
Life Before X and Other Stories, by Angelo Rodriguez Lacuesta (University of the Philippines Press)
My Sad Republic, by Eric Gamalinda (Philippine Centennial Commission and University of the Philippines Press)

2001 Suite Bergamasque: The Boulevard Stories, by Bobby Flores-Villasis (Giraffe Books)

2002 Smaller and Smaller Circles, by F. H. Batacan (University of the Philippines Press)
Testament and Other Stories, by Katrina Tuvera (Anvil Publishing)

2003 Daisy Nueve: Stories Weird, Wonderful, Whatever, by Menchu Aquino Sarmiento (Anvil Publishing)
Feast and Famine: Stories of Negros, by Rosario Cruz Lucero (University of the Philippines Press)
Mayong, by Abdon M. Balde Jr. (UST Publishing House)
The Sky Over Dimas, by Vicente Garcia Groyon (De La Salle University Press)


2004 Hunyango sa Bato, by Abdon M. Balde Jr. (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)

2005 Calvary Road: Mga Kuwento sa Balighong Panahon, by Abdon M. Balde Jr., University of Santo Tomas Publishing House


2004 People on Guerrero Street, by Leoncio P. Deriada (Seguiban Printers)
Women of Tammuz, by Azucena Grajo Uranza (Bookmark)

2005 White Elephants, by Angelo Lacuesta, Anvil Publishing


2004 Cadena de Amor and Other Short Stories, by Wilfrido D. Nolledo (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House)
On Cursed Ground and Other Stories, by Vicente Garcia Groyon (University of the Philippines Press)


2005 Making Documentaries in the Philippines, by Isabel Enriquez Kenny, Anvil Publishing


1995 Fields of Vision, by Joel David

1998 Native Resistance: Philippine Cinema and Colonialism, 1898-1941, by Clodualdo del Mundo Jr.

2000 Richard Gomez at ang Mito ng Pagkalalake, Sharon Cuneta at ang Perpetwal na Birhen at iba pang Sanaysay ukol sa Bida sa Pelikula bilang Kultural na Texto, by Roland B. Tolentino (Anvil)

2003 Cine: Spanish Influences on Early Cinema in the Philippines, by Nick Deocampo (National Commission for Culture and the Arts)


1991 Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs, edited by Francisco R. Demetrio SJ

1993 Maguindanaon Folktales, edited by Marne L. Kilates

2005 Myth, Mimesis and Magic in the Music of the T’boli, Philippines, by Manolete Mora, Ateneo de Manila University Press



1982 Cracks in the Parchment Curtain and Other Essays in Philippine History, by William Henry Scott

1985 Philippine Cartoons: Political Caricature of the American Era, 1900-1941, by Alfred McCoy and Alfredo Roces

1986 Rizal and Spain: An Essay in Biographical Context, by Miguel A. Bernad SJ

1987 The History of the Burgis, by Fe Maria C. Arriola, and Mariel N. Francisco

1988 Contracting Colonialism: Translation and Christian Conversion in Tagalog Society under Early Spanish Rule, by Vicente L. Rafael

1990 Caragua Antigua: The Hispanization and Christianization of Agusan, Surigao and East Davao, by Peter Schreurs MCS
The Roots of the Filipino Nation, by Onofre D. Corpuz

1991 Beginnings of the Filipino Dominicans: A Critical Inquiry into the Late Emergence of Native Dominicans in the Philippines and Their Attempt at Self-Government, by Rolando V. de la Rosa OP

1992 Looking for the Prehistoric Filipino and Other Essays in Philippine History, by William Henry Scott

1993 Kasaysayang Panlipunan ng Maynila, 1765-1898, by Maria Luisa T. Camagay

1994 Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society, by William Henry Scott
Breaking Through: The Struggle within the Communist Party of the Philippines, by Joel Rocamora
Cavite before the Revolution, 1571-1896, by Isagani R. Medina

1995 Working Women of Manila in the 19th Century, by Ma. Luisa Camagay

1996 An Economic History of the Philippines, by Onofre D. Corpuz
Light Cavalry, by Horacio de la Costa, SJ
The Tragedy of the Revolution, by Adrian E. Cristobal

1998 Filipinos and the Revolution: Event, Discourse, and Historiography, by Reynado C. Ileto
The World of 1896, edited by Lorna Kalaw Tirol

1999 100 Events that Shaped the Philippines, edited by Virgilio S. Almario (Adarna Book Services and National Centennial Commission)
Mindanao: A Portrait, edited by Rene B. Javellana, S.J. (Bookmark)

2000 Presidential Plunder: The Quest for the Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth, by Jovito R. Salonga (University of the Philippines)
White Love and Other Events in Filipino History, by Vicente L. Rafael (Ateneo de Manila University Press)

2001 Bearers of Benevolence: The Thomasites and Public Education in the Philippines, edited by Mary Racelis and Judy Celine Ick (Anvil Publishing)

2003 Occupation ‘42, by Benito J. Legarda Jr. (De La Salle University Press)
2004 Japanese Pioneers in the Northern Philippine Highlands: A Centennial Tribute, 1903-2003, edited by Patricia Okuba Afable (Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon)

2005 Davao: Reconstructing History from Text and Memory, by Macario D. Tiu, Ateneo de Davao University; and To Love and to Suffer: The Development of the Religious Congregations for Women in the Spanish Philippines, 1565-1898, by Luciano Santiago, Ateneo de Manila University Press


2002 Selected Essays on the Filipino and His Problems Today / Selected Studies in Philippine Colonial History / Selected Homilies and Religious Expectations / Selected Writings of His Youth, 1927-45, by Horacio de la Costa, S.J., edited by Roberto M. Paterno (2B3C Foundation, Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, and Ateneo de Manila University)



1993 The Politics of Logging: Power from the Forest, by Maritess Danguilan Vitug

1995 Boss, edited by Jose F. Lacaba

1996 Patrimony: 6 Case Studies on Local Politics and the Environment in the Philippines, edited by Sheila S. Coronel

1997 Wordsmith with a Slingshot: The Gerry Gil Book, by Generoso Gil Jr., edited by Jaime S. Ong

1998 Pork and Other Perks: Corruption and Governance in the Philippines, edited by Sheila S. Coronel

1999 Robbed: An Investigation of Corruption in Philippine Education, by Yvonne T. Chua (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism)

2000 Betrayals of the Public Trust: Investigative Reports on Corruption, edited by Sheila S. Coronel (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism)
Public Faces, Private Lives, by Lorna Kalaw-Tirol (Anvil Publishing)
Under the Crescent Moon: Rebellion in Mindanao, by Marites Vitug and Glenda Gloria (Center for Social Policy and the Institute for Popular Democracy)

2001 The Fall of Joseph Estrada: The Inside Story, by Amando Doronila (Anvil Publishing and Philippine Daily Inquirer)
Into the Mountain: Hostaged by the Abu Sayyaf, by Jose Torres Jr. (Claretian Publications)

2002 Investigating Corruption: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, edited by Sheila S. Coronel and Lorna Kalaw-Tirol (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism)

2003 Unholy Nation: Stories of a Gambling Republic, edited by John Nery (Claretian Communications)





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